Civil War Music "Crossing The Wall"

Songs about  
Shiloh's Hill, Gettysburg, Antietam, Elmira Prison, Traveller,  Appomattox,
Reverend Tinsley, Hard Tack and Salt Pork

Civil War Music at its Best
Ten BRAND   Civil War Songs
0ne BRAND Civil War Instrumental
Two Civil War era Songs

Set to Bluegrass music


        Crossing the Wall

               Bluegrass Civil War Songs
                           Lonesome Ride
I'm Going Home Tonight              Traveller
Northern Prison Blues                    Reverend Peter Tinsley
Brotherly Love                                 Hardtack and Salt Pork
A Soldier's Last Letter Home       Blue Eyed Boston Boy
Shiloh's Hill                                       Crossing the Wall
Battlefield Blues                             Pickett's Charge
A Mother's Prayer                          Appomattox
                                              Cp 2002

Written and performed by Civil War Re-enactors

Shawn Smith, Tom Smith,
Gary G. Smith, Wilma M. Smith, Mike and Zeb Davisson

Lonesome Ride
5031 Hackers Creek Rd.
Weston, WV 26452                   E-mail