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During the course of the last year, it has been suggested by several people that a WV Mule and Donkey Association
be formed to provide a system of communication and other benefits to those who are interested in the long eared
equine.  This page represents a beginning to fulfill this mission.  Due to lack of a budget, we will piggy-back the association
web page on the Lonesome Ride web site, an existing site that I own and will use it this way at no cost until we
determine if sufficient interest exists to establish a home site.  In the mean time I have purchased the following domain, wwwwestvirginiamuleanddonkeyassociation.com and will hold it for one year to see if the association is in fact
established.  Kindly let me know, if you are interested.
The purpose of the West Virginia Mule and Donkey Association is to promote a deep appreciation for the use
of mules and donkeys for pleasure, work, ride, and show  in the state of West Virginia.  It is also to
compliment and expand ownership, production, and training of mules and donkeys.

Membership in the association will be extended to any person interested in or any person who owns either
a mule or donkey and lives in WV or in close proximity to WV or who participates in WV mule or donkey activities.

The basic function of the association will be to provide a system of communication by Internet for the time
being and later by postal services to mule and donkey owners,  interested persons, and members regarding;

       1.  Events
             A.  Rides, Trail  and Shows
       2.  An avenue for advertising WV mules and donkeys of Member owned mules and donkeys that are for sale
            or Jack stud services
       3.  A way to recognize WV award winning mules and donkeys for members
       4.  To assist with advertising the Central WV Mule and Donkey Show held at Holly Gray Park at Flatwoods, WV
 The 26th Annual Mule and Donkey show is scheduled
                           for September 7 & 8, 2019.
New this year is New Show Staffs. Check it out at Bottom of page.
                                     Classes listed near bottom of page

Membership fees will not be assessed during this initial start-up period.  The establishment of such will be
determined by a committee established by officers of the association once the association is firmly organized.  
In the meantime information and membership will rest with this page on the Lonesome Ride web site.
The domain name of the association has been purchased from GoDaddy and is in place for the future. The
present web keeper is Gary G. Smith located at;

5031 Hackers Creek Rd.
Weston, WV 26452

To become a member of the West Virginia Mule and Donkey Association, simply submit your name, postal
address, e-mail address, and a statement about your interest in mules and donkeys to Gary G. Smith at the above
address or use the handy emailer form found by clicking on the following blueoctane link. No confidential
information will be published.



                                                                     Jessie Page on Rufus

The Rodney Moss Trail Ride is usually scheduled for the 3rd or 4th weekend in April to begin at Cedarville, WV.  Mules and horses are welcome
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I have had the pleasure of meeting two fine WV mule families.
The first was Pam Mossor and husband of Ellenboro, WV. They have several great looking mules and donkeys including a beautiful 15.1 hand Mammoth Jack. The following are pictures of their Jack and some of their stock. Pam's phone # is 304- 869-3746 These are great mule and donkey folks.
Four beautiful Young Mules                                                     A really nice team

 Hey, I'm sleepy                                                                              This is Pam's Red Jack, 15.1 Hands


I had the pleasure of meeting another super nice mule family, Melvin and Rachael Page from Goldtown, WV.   They raise, buy, and train mules and horses and have several in the barn  now.


Here is a champion Donkey, Caesar and his owner, Kailee.

This is of Austin King and an orphaned mule, Kate that he raised.  You have to love it. Austin now has his own Mule which he got for Christmas


An unusual 2 year old Kentucky molly advertised on Horse Clicks that I missed buying by one day.  Her color is worth including and is one you won't see very often.

The 19th Central WV Mule and Donkey Show was a big success again this year with everyone looking forward to next year.
There was a lot of old friends and several new ones at the show. Many folks came in on Friday night, had a big feed enjoyed some music and camped for the night. The next day  a memorial for Robert Smith former president of the show was conducted in the AM and the show began at 4:00 PM. Everyone had a great time. We congratulate Karen Carr for her outstanding work in putting this show together.
A few Pictures from the 21th Central WV Mule and Donkey Show Sept 11, 2013.


Winner of the Gaited Class

Pretty Mammoth Donkeys
A winner in the Old Timers Class

A nice pair of work mules

Threes a crowd  gentle mule

A ride anyone?
This Mammoth goes English too

A young man's Mules

Winner of the poles

A beautiful mule and rider

Some Mule Pictures

 My Good Friend, the late Richard G. Hoover and his farm mule

Wilma, Shawn and Shadrach at one day old

Gary Smith and Shadrach at 15 months



Picture provided by wife, Paula Smith
Robert W. Smith,  
"Mule man Bob Smith" went for his last mule and wagon ride on October 23, 2010.
      He was born on February 24, 1941. He graduated from Gassaway High School in 1959.  He retired from
Direct Mail after 32 years of service.
     Bob is survived by his wife of 47 years, Paula; son, Lewis; daughter, Pilar; and grandchildren, Elily, Cordairo, Mitchelle, and Scotti Ann
      He is preceded in death by his parents, Wayne and Mable Smith of Gassaway.
      Bob loved raising and showing mules. One of his greatest accomplishments was helping start the Central WV Mule and Donkey Show in Flatwoods 18 years ago. He was a character, and when they made him they broke the mold.  He will be greatly missed.
      A celebration of his life will be held  (at the 2011 Central WV Mule and Donkey Show Sept. 10 & 11 2011.) added
 Obituary taken from The Citizen's News, Sutton, WV
      I have personally known Bob for many years and knew him to be deeply interested in family history.  He took great pride in being a descendent of the Braxton County Smiths of Brush Run.

Some interesting links to the WV Mule and Donkey Show

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Sep 10, 2009 ... Long Ears Converge on Central West Virginia. Local news from the Eyewitness Newsroom.

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www.wchstv.com/newsroom/eyewitness/100908_2847.shtml - Cached

August 6 - 8 - Welcome to Mule Trader
September 2011, 19th Annual Mule & Donkey Show, Holly Gray Park, Sutton, West Virginia Call Karen at 304-364-8364 or Bob at 304-744-8372 or email: ...
www.muletrader.ca/Calendar.htm - Cached - Similar

Harrison Mule Days 2011 Sept. 30, Oct. 1 & 2
26th Central West Virginia Mule and Donkey Show Schedule of Classes are as

Association News
       Several people have sent messages of support as more folks are picking up the association web page.  It can readily be seen (first page) if Google search engine is used.  Just type in West Virginia Mule and Donkey or wv mule and donkey and the full listing should come up near the top of the 1st page.  If you type in the full name, it will come up # 1. That is real success for a beginning web page or site.
       I was privileged to visit the Moores this past weekend while deer hunting in Ohio.  I really enjoyed their Mini Donkeys and operation.  They have several outstanding foals and yearlings for sale.
      We enjoyed a nice e-mail note from Debra Cubbedge She became our 9th member.  I hope others find us and want to join.

      I had a great chat by phone with Paula Smith, Robert's wife about the 2011 Mule and Donkey Show at Flatwoods and learned that the Show will go on.  It has been scheduled for September 10 & 11, 2011 and the family is planning a memorial - tribute for Robert "Bob" Smith at this Show.  Bob was one of the main founders of this show and played a major role in keeping it going for 18 years. She is sending a picture of Bob and his mule and I will post it on this page along with a nice obituary printed in the Braxton Citizens News. Bob died October 23, 2010.
     More people have contacted me about the organization and a few more are interested in joining.  I hope that those who are visiting the site pass the word to other interested mule and donkey lovers.

     I have just learned that the Harrison Mule Days  conducted in near-by Carroll County Equestrian Center-Woodbine, MD is scheduled for Oct. 1 through 5. This is a very well organized show and attended by several WV mule owners from the North Eastern part of WV. Their web site is www.Harrisonmuledays.com.

     I have also heard from Muleskinner Karen regarding the WV Mule and Donkey Show.  She will soon post the event schedule for the Sept. 13 and 14 show at Holly Gray Park near Flatwoods, WV. She related that the events and schedule would be about the same as last year and as always will be an exciting event.  Should you have questions, please call Karen at 304-364-8364.

     March 29, I attended a huge mule sale at Mel's Stables in Amish country east of Lancaster, PA.  I enjoyed seeing several beautiful Mules most all the work type. Some were very large perhaps 18 + hands. They are real gentle giants. I fell in love with one but resisted and didn't buy it. One thing I noticed was that their feet were much larger than the saddle mule's feet. I was informed that the sale was an annual event so if interested in attending, it is the last weekend in March.
Last month, I promised to post a picture of Robert Smith and his obituary.  Look in the Mule pictures above. We had one new member and several contacts this past month. Riding season is here so ride safely.
      The Rodney Moss Memorial Trail Ride was held on April 26, 2017.  It  began at Cedarville, WV and went through the surrounding hills to the Moss home place for lunch where the lady folk fixed a meal fit for a king. I again played the banjo and helpd provide some good foot stomping music.  Rodney's family was there to greet and help with the meal. The ride is open to mules and horses.