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______�Crossing the Wall�                                $12.50     ______

A CD of original Civil War Songs
______�A Tribute To Jessica�                              $7.00    ______
A single song CD honoring West Virginia hero, Jessica Lynch
________ "Ballad of the Sago Mine Disaster "     $7.00    ______
A single song CD presented in tribute to the Sago Mine Victims.  
________ "There's a New Star in Heaven"          $7.00   ______
A single song CD in memory of Christina Taylor Green
________ "Lonesome Ride 2   BPS"                    $12.50  ______
A presentation of 10 Bluegrass songs

______�A Collection of Great Civil War Songs�    $8.00  ______
Words to 21 Civil War songs including songs on �Crossing the Wall�

_____�The Smiths of Brush Run�                        $25.00     ______

             A history of the Michael Smith Family of Braxton County, West Virginia

_____�Three Rebel Brothers From Old Virginia $25.00     ______

            A historical novel about the Civil War experiences of my Great Grand Father, Griffith Creasy and his two brothers, John and Thomas, 1861-1865

_____"The Beheading of Casper Prisler,
            An Innocent Boy or Civil War Spy?"   $ 10.00     ______

             A true Civil War account of  the murder of a young Ohio boy thought to be a Union spy by southern sympathizer Henry Kuhl and            others in Braxton County, VA, now WV, their military trial transcripts and sentencing.

_____  " The Rush Perrine Legacy"     $30.00 ________
              The Heritage and Legacy of an outstanding life long citizen of Webster County - Erbacon, WV. 1902 - 1982
               from early coal mining days to serving as Deputy Sheriff to County Commissioner to owning and operating the
               Perrine Grocery Store and buying and trading horses and cattle as well. 165 pages.

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