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______“Crossing the Wall”                                $12.50     ______

A CD of original Civil War Songs
______“A Tribute To Jessica”                              $5.00    ______
A single song CD honoring West Virginia hero, Jessica Lynch
_______  "Southern Storm"                                  $5.00     ______
A single song CD dedicated to Katrina victims.
________ "Ballad of the Sago Mine Disaster "     $5.00    ______
A single song CD presented in tribute to the Sago Mine Victims.  
________ "There's a New Star in Heaven"          $5.00   ______
A single song CD in memory of Christina Taylor Green
________ "Lonesome Ride 2   BPS"                    $12.50  ______
A presentation of 10 Bluegrass songs

______“A Collection of Great Civil War Songs”    $8.00  ______
Words to 21 Civil War songs including songs on “Crossing the Wall”

_____“The Smiths of Brush Run”                        $25.00     ______

             A history of the Michael Smith Family of Braxton County, West Virginia

_____“Three Rebel Brothers From Old Virginia $25.00     ______

            A historical novel about the Civil War experiences of my Great Grand Father, Griffith Creasy and his two brothers, John and Thomas, 1861-1865

_____"The Beheading of Casper Prisler,
            An Innocent Boy or Civil War Spy?"   $ 10.00     ______
           A true Civil War account of  the murder of a young Ohio boy thought to be a Union spy by southern sympathizer Henry Kuhl and others in Braxton County, VA, now WV, their military trial transcripts and sentencing.

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