The Sago Mine Disaster
January 2, 2006

A new and beautiful Ballad about the Sago Mine Disaster set to Bluegrass Music by the Lonesome
Ride Bluegrass Band



         This is an original song written by Gary and Wilma Smith to pay tribute to the twelve men who died in the Sago Mine disaster and to the lone survivor.  It is set to bluegrass music and is performed by the Lonesome Ride Bluegrass Band.

 In Tribute to:
Thomas P. Anderson, Alva Martin Bennett, Jim Bennett, Jerry Groves, George Hamner, Terry Helms, Jessie Jones, David Lewis, Martin Toler, Jr., Fred Ware, Jr., Jack Weaver, Marshall Winams and Randall McCloy,Jr.

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Two of the  8 Verses

Ballad of The Sago Mine Disaster, January 2, 2006
Verse 1

Thirteen men went down that day
In the sago Mine just to earn their pay
They went two miles down in that shaft
and were trapped down there by an awful blast.

                   Chorus:                 And the Lord said, "sons your work is done
Just take my hand I'll lead you home."

Verse 8

                                              Now let's stand together and pray for them
Their families, children and all their friends.
Copyright 2006                         And for those brave men who went inside
Lonesome Ride Bluegrass           To rescue brothers from the Sago mine.
Shawn & Tom Smith
5031 Hackers Creek Rd.                                                                 
Weston, WV 26452