The Smiths of Brush Run
     This is a book which covers the history of the Michael Smith family that emigrated from Germany to America and settled on Brush Run in Braxton County, West Virginia in the early 1800's. It contains 192 pages with pictures and official documents on zerox copy. It is authored by Gary G. Smith, a direct descendant of Michael.

Acknowledgements and Appreciations
Table of Contents
From Germany to America
Michael and Rosena Smith
Michael's Children
Homer Franklin Smith
Life on the Farm, Leonard E. Smith
John Victor Smith
Mary Helen Porterfield (Remembrances)
Ulysses Lee Smith
These Things I Remember, Homer Lee Smith
The Creasys
Just Another Dog Story
Edgar Moss
A Tame Turkey
Helping with the Wash, C1avel H. Smith
Reverend C. Stalnaker
A Bear Long Remembered
Betsy, the Heifer                                     
Reflections of Days Gone By                           
Fourth and Fifth Generations of Descendants of
Michael Schmidt                                     
Photo of Hope School Patrons                           
Build Your Own Ancestral Background

                    The Smiths
Photo by James C. Smith

                       Of Brush Run

                                Braxton County, West Virginia

                                      By Gary G. Smith, Ed. D.

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The Brush Run Smith Families
Michael (Schmidt) Smith
Michael Schmidt gained an honorable discharge from the Army of the State of Baden, Germany to come to America in August 17, 1827.  Along with his father, mother and family, the Mattheis Schmidt family boarded a ship and came to America. They arrived in Baltimore (probably 1828) where Mattheis and Wilhemina and most of his family remained. Children are; Regina, Ferdinand, Christina, Wilhemina, John,  and Michael.
      Michael met Christine Rosena Marinere (no picture available) on the Ship while enroute to America and were married by the Capitan of the ship. After several years in Baltimore, Michael and wife started South in 1843. They lived in Weston, Va. for 3 years then moved to Braxton County, Va. where he would buy 91 acres of land in 1847 on Brush Run and build a log home for his family. This Cabin may be viewed on The Smiths of Brush Run Heritage Foundation page. Five children were born in Baltimore. They are Lucy 1831, John Michael 1833, Amenia 1838, Catherine 1840, and Christian 1842. Mary was born in 1843 while at Weston and Jacob in 1847 while living in Braxton County.
1850 census showing Mathias and Wilhemina         Michael's citizenship document 9/25/1840

Western Cemetery of Baltimore, MD Grave Stones of Mathias and Wilhemina Schmidt (Smith) and other family members

Mathias & Wilhemina                William Smith             Pictures and notes provided by Eddie Smith
Caroline Smith                      Ferdinand Smith             Sophia Smith

Jacob, son of Michael, and his wife, Louisa Stonestreet Smith
Jacob married Louisa Stonestreet, daughter of Andrew Butler and Susanna Hines Stonestreet.  They built an addition on to  Michael's log home and remained on the farm and cared for Michael and Rosena.  They, of course, inherited Michael's land and would add to it bringing the size to 204 acres. They had five children, John, Homer, Lee, Susan, and Luther who died in Infancy. When Jacob and Louisa died, each son received a share of the land.  Homer and Lee would remain on Brush Run, farm the land and raise their families.  John would leave the land, move to Cedarville and later to Glenville where he would become Sheriff of Gilmer County and become involved in other pursuits.  
Jacob and Louisa Smith and Sons, Homer, John, and Lee

Susan Smith, daughter of Jacob and Louisa Smith. Susan died from measles at 18 years.
Another child, Luther died in infancy.

Jacob and Louisa and grand children, children of Homer and Lee

Homer married Blanche Effie Greenlief of Cedarville, daughter of Jahu and Louisa Townsend Stout Greenlief.  Louisa was previously married to Marion Stout who was killed in a farming accident. She and Marion had three children De, Oswell, & Corie. She and Jahu had four children, Blanche, Silas, Vietta & Maggie. Prior to a name change, Cedarville was known as Townsend Mill after Louisa's family who operated a mill along Cedar Creek. Homer and Blanche had the following children; Louise 1902,  Leonard 1903, Frank 1907, Clavel 1910, Marcel & Majorie 1914, John 1918, Layman 1922. Homer and Blanche lived in the house pictrured until 1914 when a new home was finished. In 1950 the moved from Brush Run to  another part of their farm situated  on the Cedar Creek Road and a home built mostly by their son Clavel.

Homer Fredrick & Blanch Effie Greenlief Smith with Leonard, Frank & Louise
Homer and Blanche Smith's second home.  It was built in 1914 from trees cut on the Brush Run Farm and processed at Wes Gerwig saw mill located on Toms Run accross the hill from Homers place. The house was contracted to be built for $100 and the chimney was built by Author Marks from stone that he cut. Gene Smith, a grand son of Homer and Blanche, is pictured in the front.
Louise, Leonard, Frank and Clavel
In 1947-48, my father Clavel H. Smith built a new home for his parents Homer and Blanche Smith where they lived until their death. It is shown in the following photos taken in July, 2010. It stood as a landmark for 63 years until torn down September, 2010. It was located along the Cedar Creek Road about 5 miles from Cedarville as one travels toward Exchange. Fred Depoy, son of Marjorie Warner is the current owner.  For the most part, Dad built the home from lumber secured from a house torn down in Cedarville.  I was privileged to help some with the project, not a lot because I was only 11years at the time. As pay for the construction of the new home, Homer and Blanche deeded Dad the home they lived in at Cedarville and raised their family.  It is pictured in the top photo on this page.

Layman Smith, Marjory Warner, Leonard Smith, Louise Bryant, & Clavel Smith, Children of Homer and Blanche Smith

Frank Smith on left with deer hunting friend

Marcel Smith, on cruches, twin to Majorie Smith Depoy Warner with brother Clavel. Marcel died shortly after the photo was taken.
                                                                                                           Staff Sargent John Smith

Jahu and Louisa Greenlief, parents of Blanche Effie Greenlief Smith, Lived at Cedarville in the Home pictured on the cover of the book, The Smiths of Brush Run. It is also the Home to the Clavel Smith Family and now owned by Lane Smith.
One of my favorite pictures is of Homer and his fiddle. He was a excellent fiddler and played at most of the school socials and square dances held in the immediate arear of Brush Run.  I was priviledged to hear him play on several occassions while sitting on the front porch of his home on Cedar Creek as we rested after a hard day in the feilds hoeing corn or putting up hay.  I wrote a song The Old Man and His Fiddle, found at the bottom of this page, sharing my feelings of that experience.
Ulysses Lee Smith and Lucy Wilson Alkire and children Mildred, Hugh Earl, and Louis Jacob.  Lee and Lucy also reared David Ray, Robert Wayne, Mary Elizabeth, Homer Lee, Lucy Marie, Nellie A. and Thomas.  Lee and Lucy lived their entire life on Brush Run and like brother, Homer raised their family there in a log home on the 75 acres granted to them by Lee's father Jacob.  
The Lee Smith home on Brush Run  The home is built of logs and covered with siding.  It has been kept in good repairs and was owned by Lee's son Lewis for many years.  It is now owned by Lee's grand son Robert Wesley Smith.

Lucy and Lee Smith Family photo taken August 10, 1974 at the Brush Run Home Place
Back Row (LtoR) Thomas, Homer Lee, Wayne, and Louis
Front Rrow (LtoR) Nellie, Marie, Mary,  Mildred
Hugh living at the time and Ray deceased not in photo
Lee Smith Men,(back Row L- R) Hugh, Thomas, John V. Smith, Ray, Layman  (Front Row L- R) Wayne, Kyle Baker,grandson, Lewis, & Homer Lee
John Smith on right, brother Homer on the left                                           Jake and Erma Smith
It is always a problem when placing family photos on the family web page.  but I have placed those pictures that I have. I, of course, need more. If you have available pictures of the Lee Smith, Homer Smith or John Smith families that you would like to have displayed, please send them to me.  Use the secure email form below to contact me and I will send you my personal email address. Gary G. Smith ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Clavel Hines Smith, my father, married Myrtle Creasy of Craigsville, WV and lived most of their married life at Cedarville, WV in the home shown on the cover of the The Smiths of Brush Run Book at the top of this page. They reared five children, James Clavel, Gary Gene, David Lane, Mary Ann, and Robert Lynn.
Clavel and Myrtle's children and wifes (L to R) David Lane and Mary Lou Kuhl, Robert Lynn and Lawayne Hayse, Gary Gene and Wilma M. Perrine, Mary Ann and Jim Atha, Sr. and James Clavel and Patsy Ann Connley
Photo by Jim Atha

Louise Smith Bryant and daughter Joann
The Honored Few
Staff Sargent John M. Smith US Air Corps       Private Clavel H. Smith US Army             Private Layman Smith US Army

Charles E. Baker US Army Air Corps ----  Michael Poland(right) US Airforce, Retired
Died 4/19/1945 on duty
Thomas Smith, US Air Corps                                                                              Lewis Smith, US Air Corps  

James C. Smith, Korea

Other service men or women need to be added  so send me pictures and they will be added

The Old Man and His Fiddle
Written By Gary G. Smith
Dedicated to: Lauren C. Moran, gggrand daughter of Homer
The old man played the fiddle as the day would end
He sat on the front porch and played Uncle Pen.
While a young boy listened and watched him play
And wished he could play that fiddle some day.

He would first play a tune called Soldiers Joy      
Then the Forked Deer and Danny Boy.
A waltz or two and a gospel tune    
And each one he played was one that you knew.

He would play until the darkness would fall
Homer, it's bedtime my Grand ma would call.
But I had the music stuck there in my head
And I played the fiddle that night in the bed

It's been a long time since I rocked in that chair
And listened to Grand pa as he played out there.         
I often think back to when I was a boy
I can still hear him play the tune Soldiers Joy.

I know that he's playing the fiddle up there
For an angel band around that golden square.
I can see him drawing the bow over the strings
As he makes sweet music and the angels sing.

Now it's my turn to pass the songs to the next
As my granddaughter listens, she seems so intent.
And when Grand ma calls it's time for bed
I wonder if the music will stay in her head

She sure seems to enjoy the music I play
But will she dream of playing this fiddle some day